No cops, no dogs, no mud. Is that what separates this special festival from all the others? Well, it certainly doesn't hurt. Considering this event debuted in 2005 with an advance sellout, it seems fans embraced the idea of a festival that could exist outside the rules normally applied to multi-band events. Never mind that it took place in one of the greatest cities of the world.

Amsterdam. The name conjures up images of a special place where tolerance is the moral code, serene canals flow under hundreds of bridges past historic architecture, and timeless works of art hang in witness to the golden age of one of the world's great civilizations. Crime is lower than American cities a fraction of its’ size, bicycles are the favored mode of transport, and every friendly citizen you meet speaks English fluently. It's a veritable Utopia, steeped in history and art, where the music simply adds the icing.

One visit over to the Quotable Quotes page, or three minutes spent watching and of the first-class video capsules, will give you an idea of the reactions of some touring-savvy bands and music fans to the overall feel of this one-of-a kind festival. Call it a chance to see your favorite bands in the best environment possible, or a great reason to make a sojourn to a city everyone has fantasies of visiting; either way, it's a trip that you will never forget. Heck, Shain Shapiro, who wrote a great review for JamBase, moved there after his first experience.

The Melkweg turned out to be the most fan-friendly venue one could imagine. The two rooms are big enough to make the show possible, but intimate enough to endow the performances with a "party with your friends" atmosphere. The bands all participate in the yearly poster signing session, which further enhances the intimacy and camaraderie. Jeff Wood/Drowning Creek posters are a yearly staple, and his winged Amsterdam canal post-turned-guitar has been adopted as the moniker, as seen on the front page. Flying to Amsterdam for music. He captured it all in one beautifully articulated design. Cinovative, who have produced all the video capsules, and the full length DVD from 2005, is planning another DVD for our 5th Anniversary in 2010. We are grateful for their continued support of the event, and the quality work they do in capturing the magical feel of this unique experience.

So make your plans, get your passport, and become one of the fortunate. As you wander aimlessly down a canal, soaking up the history and ambience of Amsterdam, then visiting your favorite coffeeshop before experiencing the Van Gogh Museum or a gorgeous canal boat ride, you will never question your decision to do this at least once. Or maybe every year. Just ask Shain.

We’re very excited to be coming back in 2012. We have changed the days of the week to Wed-Thurs-Fri, and we hope this will allow more of our European friends to join us. After trying for years to get moe. to come along, they finally agreed, and will anchor this year's show. Mike Gordon (of Phish) has wanted to come for a couple of years, and we thought he fit perfectly on this bill. Between he and moe., two of the seminal bands in the jamband scene will be represented. Lotus was with us in 2008, but their rabid following has grown exponentially since then. One of the most popular up and coming bands in the States. DSO of course is a favorite of the traveling crowd, especially those crazy Germans. Rounding out the bill is the 'King of the Campground', Keller Williams. His amazing solo virtuosity will be on display again, and no one in the history of JitD has more sit-ins to their credit. We expect collaborations galore, as these bands are all familiar with each other. It’s one of the things we love the most about this intimate festival. All bands play a long set on all three nights, and every effort is made to juggle the order each night so that it’s easy to catch all the bands during the course of the show.

The Melkweg is set up in such a way, as to allow a flow between the two rooms of the venue. There is also a restaurant, café, cinema, and art gallery in the building. This makes for many places to hang out before and during the concert. There is also a liberal in/out policy, so that any time you feel the need for fresh air, or a walk around the nearby Leidseplein, no rules will prevent it.

With the newly expanded capacity of The Max at 1500, and music going on most times in both rooms, the comfort factor which this festival is known for will remain intact. The concert schedule will be announced later this summer, so stay tuned for that.

The Melkweg is located just off the Leidseplein, a very active and vibrant square just at the edge of the city center. The Holland Casino is there as well, along with a plethora of restaurants, and is very close to many hotels. You can walk the entire length of the "centrum" from the Central Train Station to the Leidseplein in about 25 minutes. The trams are very convenient and there is also a 24 hour cab stand one minute from the venue. See the FAQs on the message board for detailed info. The perfect venue in the perfect city.